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Autumn is a great time for planting trees, shrubs, hedging and lawns, not to mention a whole host of flowers and veggies. But amidst planting, make sure you still take time to enjoy the fruits of your labour, as the last of the summer veggies and fruit need harvesting.


Get your winter veggies in quick to make sure that they get a good head start before the colder winter weather kicks in.

Prepare veggie beds for planting by weeding and mixing in compost and sheep pellets. Direct sow carrot and parsnip seeds. Plant kale, broccoli, peas, broad beans and leek seedlings into veggie beds.

Sow compost crops, such as lupins, into spare beds to help improve your soil.

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It’s a great time to plant feijoa and citrus trees. Come instore or check online to see some of the varieties we have on offer.

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Loaded with delightful blossoms in spring, these dwarfing apples produce a great crop of crisp, tasty apples. Perfect for spots where you’re short of space or they can be grown in a container. Each variety tastes distinctly different, ranging from the sweet LITTLE RASCAL to the slightly tart MISCHIEF.

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It’s a great time to plant hedges, autumn or winter flowering shrubs, such as camellias and azaleas, and large-grade trees.
Great plants for hedging include: pittosporum, griselinia, eugenia, buxus and corokia.

To plant, dig a hole twice as wide and as deep as the pot your plant came in. After digging the hole, backfill mixing compost and sheep pellets in with your topsoil. Plant into the loosened soil. Feed with Kings 24+.


Potted Colour

Brighten up your garden and prepare for seasonal changes by planting gorgeous winter-flowering annuals such as: pansies, primrose, polyanthus, calendula, violas and poppies


Chrysanthemums are in and they’re looking great! Coming in an array of colours, they look stunning indoors and out.

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Cyclamen, flowering from autumn right through winter, are the perfect way to brighten up those shadier spots.

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Spring Bulbs

Plant now for a glorious display next spring.

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Veggie Garden

Prepare beds for planting by weeding, forking and lightly digging in compost, sheep pellets and Natures Organic Fertiliser into each bed. Protect newly planted seedlings using Quash Slug and Snail Pellets and keep beds weed free. Sow compost crops such as lupins into empty beds. Grow for 2-3 months and then dig them in to increase your soil’s fertility. 

Fruit Trees

Harvest feijoas as they ripen. Feed your fruit trees now. Use Kings Fruit and Citrus Fertiliser, or for a natural option, feed with sheep pellets and Natures Organic Fertiliser.


Keep flowers well fed and watered, and deadhead spent flowers regularly to keep plants healthy and flowering for longer.


Get your lawns back under control. Spray with Weed’n’Feed to get rid of any broadleaf weeds. Start to repair damaged patches or plant new lawn.

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Kings Range of Fertilisers

Feed your trees, shrubs, fruit trees and roses this autumn to keep them healthy and happy. 



Grass seed


Repair old lawns or plant up a new one this autumn.



Knockdown Weedkiller


Tidy up those weeds this autumn.

Great for establishing new lawns or to tidy up any neglected areas.