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A Happy New Year from everyone at Kings! With any luck, you’re already beginning to be inundated with beautiful flowers and delicious summer veggies. But to ensure you get the most from your garden, make sure you weed, feed, water and mulch.

Summer Veggies

Summer veggies - there’s still time to get a late crop of summer veggies and herbs as long as you are quick, including: tomatoes, courgettes, basil and beans. Large grade chillies and peppers will be available this month. Loads of unusual and tasty and a times dangerously hot varieties available.

Summer Salads

Grow delicious summer salads by planting rocket, beetroot, silverbeet, sorrel and nasturtiums. Stagger your planting of lettuce, coriander, rocket and parsley ito spread out your harvest.

Fruit Trees

Citrus and subtropical fruit can be planted throughout summer. Make sure that you keep plants well watered during these warm months. Check out some of our new stock, we’ve got some great stuff coming in, including cherimoyas, pawpaw, Natel plum


Once established they produce a mass of delicious berries. For best results, plant 2 different varieties in slightly acidic soil rich in organic matter.

Tropical Treasures

Enjoy a tropical getaway in your own back yard by planting delightful tropical and sub-tropical plants, including: canna lilies, mandevilla, hibiscus, vireya, palms, and gardenia.

Colourful Foliage

Add a dash of colour that lasts all year round. We’ve a range of hardy, drought-resistant grasses, delightful cordylines or shrubs such as nandina or loropetalum.


Mulch and water plants deeply and regularly to keep them healthy through the summer heat.

Instant Colour

Fill in gaps with annuals such as petunias, marigolds, impatiens, gazanias and snapdragons or come instore to check out more options.


Struggling to keep on top of watering? Plant drought-resistant flowers such as portulacca pizzaz, ice plants, osteospermums and kangaroo paws to ensure you have garden full of colourful, delightful and surprisingly hardy flowers. Click here to see some of our flowering perennial range

Planting Tips

Mix in plenty of COMPOST and SHEEP PELLETS when planting to improve the soils ability to hold moisture.

Harvest your summer veggies regularly to encourage them to keep producing. Make sure you keep on top of the weeds and ensure plants are fed with KINGS FAST FOOD and kept watered.

Mulch and deeply water trees (especially those planted last year) to ensure they stay happy and healthy. Feed when needed with KINGS SLOW RELEASE CITRUS FOOD or, for an organic option that improves soil health, use AQUATICUS ORGANIC GARDEN BOOSTER.

Weed, feed with KINGS FAST FOOD and water plants regularly to keep things healthy and colourful. Remove spent flowers regularly to keep plants looking great and flowering for longer. If the ground or potting mixes are drying out too quickly use SATURAID to make watering easier and more effective.

Keep your lawn and garden lush and healthy this summer by checking out some of our irrigation systems. Add SATURAID to pots or gardens to reduce your watering needs.