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Conditions are now perfect to plant all your summer veggies, not to mention an abundance of stunning annual and perennial flowers. Get them in quick and stay on top of the weeds to ensure you get to enjoy your plants to the fullest.

Prepare new beds by forking the soil and adding Kings Organic Compost, Sheep Pellets and Natures Organic Fertiliser.


A full range of seedlings are now available, including tomatoes, basil, beans, eggplants and capsicum.

Plant herbs like coriander and parsley in part shade to protect them from the afternoon sun. Doing this will mean they don’t ‘bolt’ to flower and seed as quickly, meaning you can enjoy them for longer.

Seed Sowing

There’s still plenty of time to sow your summer veggie seeds. Make sure they are planted with plenty of space between them and are located in a sunny position. Germinate tomato, eggplant and melon seeds in punnets before moving out into the veggie patch.


Plant in a warm sunny spot in well draining soil, with a structure behind them to support the vines as they grow. Mix in Compost and Sheep Pellets before planting for added nutrients


Plant into free draining soil and mix in Compost and Kings Slow Release Citrus Fertiliser. Dwarf varieties which grow to only 2 meters tall, are also available, and are the best for container growing.


Blueberries fruit better if you plant 2 varieties (for pollination) and prefer acidic soil rich in organic matter (compost, sheep pellets).


Plant now in a sunny position to enjoy their delightful blooms this spring and summer.


An old-fashioned flower that is coming back in style! With huge gorgeous blooms, hydrangea are happy being in full sun or part shade. They make great cut flowers and now is the best time to plant them.

Hedges and Screening

Getting hedges and large screening trees into the soil now gives them time to get settled in before summer. Keep newly planted trees and shrubs well-watered (with a watering can) and feed with Kings 24+.

Instant Colour

Add a delightful dash of colour instantly to your pots and garden beds. Choose from petunias, lobelias, alyssum, gazania, marigolds, snapdragons and heaps more in our Seedling Punnets, Potted Colour and King Size Colour ranges instore now.


There are loads of gorgeous long-flowering perennials now in, including petunias, calibrachoa, lavender, nemesia, geraniums, and so many more. Plant in soil mixed with Compost and Sheep Pellets.

Protect newly planted seedlings from slugs and snails with Quash. Keep on top of any weeds emerging in newly planted beds. Regularly remove laterals from your tomato plants and feed them with Kings Tomato food.

Keep plants happy and healthy by feeding your plants regularly over spring. Feed with our natural and organic fertiliser range including new products from Yates and Tui instore now.

Apply mulch around your garden to help suppress weeds and reduce your watering needs as it starts to heat up.

Get your lawn sorted now to get it looking great for summer. Use Yates Weed N’ Feed to feed your lawn and kill off broadleaf weeds (remember to be careful around the edges and not spray your flowers, shrubs or veggies). Repair bare patches by sowing the area with patch pack lawn seed.