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Plant of the Month October - Tomatoes

Plant of the Month October - Tomatoes

Freshly picked tomatoes taste delicious, are relatively easy to grow, and there are a huge range of interesting and tasty varieties to choose from. And whether you’ve got acres of space or you’ve only room for a single pot, they’re worth growing to ensure you don’t miss out on eating the tasty, freshly picked tomatoes that you grew yourself.



Sweet 100

Sweet 100

Size: 1.8m +
Popular, prolific modern hybrid variety  with deliciously sweet and tasty cherry tomato.



Size: 1.8m +
Popular english variety that was released in 1913. Tall, vigorous plant that produces an abundance of perfectly round medium tomatoes.

Tumbling Red

Red Robin

Size: 30 x 30cm
Extra-sweet dwarf variety that's prolific and fruits throughout the season. Perfect for pots and containers.

Yellow Pear

Yellow Pear

Size: 1.8m +
High yields of sweet, bite-sized, pear-shaped yellow tomatoes. Perfect for eating fresh off the vine of adding colour to salads.

Tommy Toe

Tommy Toe

Size: 1.2m +
An old-fashioned heirloom tomato with stunningly beautiful red, glossy fruits the size of plums. Disease resistant and great for seed saving.


Black Velvet

Size: 1.8m +
New oval-shaped hybrid that produces masses of deliciously sweet and crunchy tomatoes. Great for cooking and rich tasting sauces.



Growing multiple varieties is a great way to figure out which tomatoes are your favourite, and help ensure that you get a great crop of tomatoes that are perfect to use in a wide array of situations.
Many of our favourite varieties are available as Grafted Tomatoes. Grafted tomatoes tend to grow quicker, fruit more prolifically, and are more disease resistant.


Grows best in free-draining soil and in full sun.
Avoid planting tomatoes in the same spot year after year as this can increase the risk of pest and disease problems.


In the ground
Fork the soil and remove all weeds.
Lightly mix compost and sheep pellets in with your soil.
Leave 45-60cm between plants (for most varieties).
Carefully plant and put a stake no smaller than 1.8m by each plant.   
Water seedlings in gently.
In pots
Plant larger varieties in a decent sized pot (no smaller than 10L), smaller varieties like Red Robin can be planted into slightly smaller pots and even hanging baskets.
Use Kings Container Mix as your potting mix.
Remember to water and feed more regularly as pots will dry out faster and lose more nutrients.


To improve airflow around your plants, which will help keep them disease free, remove laterals on a dry sunny day (laterals are growing tips that come out from between main stem and leaves).



Feed regularly with Kings Liquid Tomato food every 2-3 weeks, or for a natural option use King's Ocean Grow.

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