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Plant of the Month July - Leucadendron

Plant of the Month Leucadendron

These gorgeous plants thrive on neglect. In fact, most problems occur because people have shown them too much care! They look spectacular in the garden, adding a dash of vivid colour, and their colourful bracts make great cut flowers.


Top Varieties

 leucadendron safari sunset

Safari Sunset - Densely erect shrubs with dark green foliage. In late summer rich red bracts form that look great right through autumn and winter. Grows 2.5 x 1m


leucadendron inca gold

Inca Gold - Compact bushy shrub. Forms brilliant yellow bracts in spring that contrast brilliantly with the red edge of the leaves and the bright red stem. Grows 1.5 x 1.5m


Leucadendron Jack Harre

Jack HarreEasy to grow, small and compact shrub. In late winter they form delightful yellow flowers framed by red bracts that last into spring. Grows 1x 1m


Leucadendron Amy

Amy - An erect, relatively vigourous leucadendron that develops rosy red bracts in early autumn through till spring, followed by creamy bracts on long stems in early spring. Grows 1.5 x 1m


Leucadendron Plum Supreme

Plum Supreme - Colourful, compact and hardy shrub that forms stunning bracts plum purple in late summer through till autumn. Grows 1 x 1m


Growing Tips


Best planted in full sun in very free-draining soil.


Dig a hole twice as deep and twice as wide as the pot that your tree came in. Backfill your hole and mix in a few spadefuls of compost.
If heavier soils (clay) mix in pumice sand and gypsum to help improve the drainage. In some spots it may be worth planting into a slight mound to further improve drainage.


Water occasionally over the drier months. Give them enough space to ensure they stay open and ger air flow. Weed regularly and mulch to help suppress weeds and reduce watering needs.

After Care

Help prevent pests and diseases by thoroughly spraying trees in winter with Freeflo Copper and Aquaticus Glow.


Rarely requires feeding. At most feed with a half-strength mix of a natural liquid feed such as Ocean Grow once a year.


Prune back bracts to a healthy looking bud once they have passed their best or prune them off and use them as cut flowers.

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