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Plant of the Month August- Magnolia


After the grey winter, the eruption of flowers borne on bare branches, can look incredible! And while flowering cherries and spring bulbs look stunning, few plants provide as much impact as deciduous magnolia.


Top Varieties


Magnolia Black Tulip

Black Tulip - Bred in New Zealand. In early spring they provide a mass of 15cm long, black-purple goblet-shaped flowers. Grows 6 x 4m


Magnolia Iolanthe

Iolanthe - Bred in New Zealand. Flowers prolifically in early/mid spring, with light pink/mauve blooms. Grows 6 x 4m


Magnolia Brixton Belle

Brixton Belle - Bred in north Taranaki. Late winter/early spring flowering, with a second lighter flush of flowers in summer. Grows 4 x 3.5m


Magnolia Genie

Genie - Small growing variety that was bred in New Zealand. Produces large scented flowers. Blooms in spring, with a second flush in summer. Grows 3.5 x 2m


Magnolia Denudata

Denudata -  This gorgeous variety produces masses of scented ivory white flowers. Flowers in late winter and early spring. Grows 5 x 4m


Felix Jury - Bred in New Zealand. A breautiful tree that produces huge, bold magenta flowers in early spring. Grows 6 x 4m


Growing Tips


Full sun/part shade. Grows best in free draining soil rich in organic matter.


Dig a hole around twice as wide and deep as the current pot. Backfill hole with a mix of your soil, Kings Compost, and sheep pellets. In heavier soils adding Gypsum can help improve the soil structure. Carefully remove the pot, tease open the roots gently, and plant to the same depth as it was in the pot.


Mulch with Living Earth More than Mulch. This helps suppress weeds and reduce watering needs.
Fertiliser Feed the plant and the soil with sheep pellets and Aquaticus Organic Garden Booster. For a slow release option use King’s 24+.

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