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Chillies: What's hot and not?

It seems strange to imagine Indian food, Thai Food, Sichuan Food without chillies. Until Christopher Columbus travelled to the Americas chillies were unheard of in the 'Old World'. However this lack didn't last long, after their discovery their use was quickly and enthusiastically spread by people all around the world, as they tried to spice things up a bit.

Mandevillas AKA Rocktrumpet

Although their common name in the US sounds like they're a 70's jazz-rock-fusion band with pretensions, Mandevillas are actually a genus of delightful sub-tropical and tropical vines. Vines that in New Zealand regularly erupt each summer with vibrant eye-catching flowers in a variety of colours, including whites, pinks, and reds.


6 Plants Perfect for Christmas


The year has once again flown by, and we're now seconds away from Santa once again breaking into our homes ladened with presents. An exercise that is no way strange or costly for any of the adults in the house.


But before he, or indeed anyone else comes, it's nice to get things looking nice and festive. And what better way to do this than by decorating your home with some plants that'll help spread Christmas cheer.

Auckland Garden Designfest

To get a sneak peek behind the scenes of one of the gardens in this weekends Garden Design Fest I talked to garden designer, radio & TV personality, Tony Murrell.

10 Fascinating Facts About Roses

Popular, gorgeous and widely grown, but here are a few fascinating facts about roses that you may not know.

Recipe of the Month: Shrikhand

Despite being regularly overlooked, Roses in addition to looking gorgeous can also be used to create some delightfully delicious deserts. Here John Palino provides his friends scrumptious take on the Traditional Indian Desert Shrikhand.

Veggies: Easy as 123

All too often people are out off growing their own veggies. But while being a truly amazing gardener may take a bit of working, enjoying delightfully fresh veggies and herbs from the garden is really as simple as:

1.    Preparing,     2.    Planting,     3.    Protecting

Trendy Terrariums

Terrariums, there's a world within. They're your own biosphere neatly nestled on your table, desk or shelf. They can look peculiar, graceful, jagged, soft, refined, and very trendy.


There are few plants more capable of brightening up those dark, shady spots in your garden as the almost unkillable and strangely delightful Clivia. Above their dark strap like leaves burst a stunning display of trumpet shaped flowers. Available in an array of creams, yellows and oranges, depending on the variety you're growing.

5 Delicious Cherry Tomatoes

Variety is the spice of life, so brighten up your salads, and add an array of delicously tomatoey flavours by checking out some of the different kinds of cherry tomatoes that are around.

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