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Looking for Company – A Guide to Companion Planting


I have decided to try my hand at companion planting. Planting which will hopefully both brighten up my garden and help keep my plants pest free and healthy (and with any luck help me produce terrifying surpluses of food this season).

Urban Beehives


Urban beekeeping is the only way we will continue to reap the benefits of locally grown produce! Luckily, urban beekeeping isn't difficult and you can even 'dip your toe' in by renting beehives; we do all the work and take care of the registrations and disease inspections so that you can enjoy the many benefits of having bees without any of the risk.

Beeing Friendly in Your Garden


While I've always found Bees interesting, our relationship has at times been rocky. On the plus side they provide honey and account for approximately 80% of all insect pollination (which is crucial to our survival). But detracting from this is their occasional tendency to sting. 

Digging for Fruit

A decade ago I was reluctantly pressed into service, given a spade, and forced to dig an endless number of holes for my parents home orchard. This proved to be a laborious task

Growing Fruit Trees in Clay Soils

Often maligned, but full of potential, growing fruit trees in clay may have its challenges, but with a little care and know how it’s possible to grow a mass of delicious fruit even on thick heavy soils.

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